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27 February 2012 / Leave a Comment
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Herbs vs writing

24 February 2012 / Leave a Comment
I'm looking at my basil and parsley that have wilted in the sun. Their leaves are so limp they are touching the unswept pavers. I really should go out there and water them and put some life back into them. Again I am torn between domesticity, keeping up the house, and writing. I've spent all morning making sure that I did enough, so that by the time it came to 1pm and my daughter was at kinder and my son was asleep I would get a solid two hours to write. So I hate those god damn herbs with their limp leaves crying out to me to save them. I don't want another thing to have to look after, another job to do, I want to write!

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I hate writing a synopsis

20 February 2012 / 1 comment
I hate writing a synopsis. It is almost impossible to capture in one page what happens in a novel. What do I put in and what do I leave out? It is so hard to know. How much should I bang on about the difficult mother/daughter relationship my protagonist has? Is it important to the story? What about the fact that she is a dedicated Lolita-fashion wearer. Does that mean anything to anyone, without reading my novel? I don't think so. That I have left out. Surely there must be some surprises left for the reader.

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In print online

17 February 2012 / Leave a Comment
So my story about co-parenting has just been published online:

It's a weird feeling having my words out there for people to read. Sometimes I lose sight of what writing is, it means that someone will read it. Maybe more than just someone, maybe quite a few. I mean, that's probably what the whole point of it is, really. And now, with social media technology, you can actually see people's comments. Where in the past, writers could probably hide in their study somewhere and not hear much feedback at all, now it's as simple as someone clicking enter to post a comment. So I'm just hoping that my piece doesn't seem smug or something, because I really don't want it to be.

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Thanks, but no thanks

16 February 2012 / Leave a Comment

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103 page views

15 February 2012 / Leave a Comment
So I have just reached 103 page views.

I am new to this blogging thing, this is only my 7th post, so it's kind of weird to me to think that 103 random people have been reading it. In a way, I've enjoyed updating this blog as a way of recording the process that I am going through right at the moment, trying to get published. I've had this sudden burst of creative energy, and while it's hot, I'm trying to run with it.

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A lovely rejection letter

13 February 2012 / Leave a Comment
I had been hanging all my hopes on a certain Melbourne independent publisher, that they would publish my 70,000 word novel Searching for Von Honningsbergs. But today I got the the dreaded rejection letter (email). However, it was a lovely rejection letter, it filled my heart with joy and kept alive my hope. It said:

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Young adult fiction deadline

12 February 2012 / Leave a Comment
So I need to set aside my non-fiction writing this week and focus on finalising my submission for Hardie Grant's The Ampersand Project 

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