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15 February 2012 / Leave a Comment
So I have just reached 103 page views.

I am new to this blogging thing, this is only my 7th post, so it's kind of weird to me to think that 103 random people have been reading it. In a way, I've enjoyed updating this blog as a way of recording the process that I am going through right at the moment, trying to get published. I've had this sudden burst of creative energy, and while it's hot, I'm trying to run with it.

I've been writing this blog as if no one is reading it. Just like that sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching. Well for me, it is write like no one is reading it. So I haven't edited what I'm saying much. So it sure is weird to have 103 page views. And what is even weirder, and interests me far greater, is that my audience stats say 61 from the United States and just 42 from Australia.

So I would love to know how people have come across my blog? What have you searched for that has brought you here? I would love someone to leave a comment!


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