I hate writing a synopsis

20 February 2012 / 1 comment
I hate writing a synopsis. It is almost impossible to capture in one page what happens in a novel. What do I put in and what do I leave out? It is so hard to know. How much should I bang on about the difficult mother/daughter relationship my protagonist has? Is it important to the story? What about the fact that she is a dedicated Lolita-fashion wearer. Does that mean anything to anyone, without reading my novel? I don't think so. That I have left out. Surely there must be some surprises left for the reader.

I have given her relationship with her best friend a lot of coverage as it adds to the tension and explains some of the story. However, they are going to fall out as friends and Millie will mostly disappear by the end of the novel, so has she been given more coverage than she deserves?

And how do I even write in a compelling way about the end of my novel, when I haven't even written it yet. And now what I have written in this synopsis, does that become my guideline for finishing the rest of the book? I guess so.

1 comment:

  1. I hate it too. Ah....I feel your pain!


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