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17 February 2012 / Leave a Comment
So my story about co-parenting has just been published online:

It's a weird feeling having my words out there for people to read. Sometimes I lose sight of what writing is, it means that someone will read it. Maybe more than just someone, maybe quite a few. I mean, that's probably what the whole point of it is, really. And now, with social media technology, you can actually see people's comments. Where in the past, writers could probably hide in their study somewhere and not hear much feedback at all, now it's as simple as someone clicking enter to post a comment. So I'm just hoping that my piece doesn't seem smug or something, because I really don't want it to be.

I'm really having to learn how to put myself out there. I don't really like talking about my writing (especially when it comes to my novel). It's such a personal thing to me. But I'm going to have to get over it. So at the moment, I'm trying to put myself out there. This blog is really putting myself out there. Last night I set up a twitter account. I haven't told any of my friends or family (except my husband) about either of these things as it's kind of too embarrassing. What if people think that it's lame?

Can I be a writer if I'm too scared of anyone reading my work?

All I want is one editor somewhere to read it and like it enough that they want to publish it. But the thought of it actually being printed and available for people that I know to read, fills me with dread.


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