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I have also posted my young adult book Marriage is silver on Authonomy. It can be viewed at

Will be good to get some feedback on this one. The problem with writing is that it's so hard to gauge just how good (or terrible) it is. Some days I think it would be so much easier to strive to be a swimmer, or a tennis player or something like that. The results of their training are far more measurable than this writing business...

I am staying up so late again this week...
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Putting myself out there

26 March 2012 / 1 comment
Well this whole writing thing is about having people read your work, right? I've had a manuscript assessment done like 6 years ago, an Allen & Unwin reader and some Vogel Award judges read my work and commented 5 years ago, but I haven't had much feedback lately, except from my husband.

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Synopsis struggles

24 March 2012 / Leave a Comment
I don't like writing birthday cards. What's there to say really? Happy birthday! Blah, blah, blah. I also don't like writing on leaving cards, baby cards or wedding cards. It's all been said before. How original can you be really? I like to think that I could be a writer, but I never know what to write on a god damn card.

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Momentum Monday

22 March 2012 / Leave a Comment
Some weird coincidences. On my recent holiday, I managed to read most of the articles in the current copy of Ampersand Magazine (this is actually a real luxury for me, given that I am usually pulled away from the weekend newspapers to play matchbox cars or Mother Gothel). Anyway, I read an article by John Birmingham about him agreeing to write some e-books for Momentum Books, a division of Pan Macmillan Australia. He talks about the new world of publishing and the positive opportunities that digital publishing present for both writers and readers. I made a note of Momentum Books on my iphone to research later.

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Rules for writing

20 March 2012 / Leave a Comment
So, I have returned from our holiday. It was so lovely to be away with the family. It's our first holiday in two years ... that's what happens I guess when we have a second baby, sell our house and buy another one that we can't really afford, as well as both work part time so that we can both be home with the kids...

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I am still an out of print writer

17 March 2012 / Leave a Comment
So yesterday I received a very succinct rejection for my young adult fiction ms from the Ampersand Project ...

We received an overwhelming amount of very strong manuscripts for this project. From here we are compiling a shortlist, but unfortunately aren’t able to pursue your submission further.

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