I am still an out of print writer

17 March 2012 / Leave a Comment
So yesterday I received a very succinct rejection for my young adult fiction ms from the Ampersand Project ...

We received an overwhelming amount of very strong manuscripts for this project. From here we are compiling a shortlist, but unfortunately aren’t able to pursue your submission further.

Once the plummeting feeling of rejection had cleared, I was left with an overwhelming feeling of relief. Firstly, the manuscript is not finished and it would have been too rushed to have something ready in the next couple of months. Also something about it didn't feel quite right. I've spent the last eight years working on my Von Honningsberg book so that one deserves to get published first. Not this one ... that has appeared out of almost nowhere.

I'm currently on holiday. I left my laptop at home so that I could free myself from all my writing. It's weird writing a blog entry on my iPhone so I'll leave it there!...


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