Momentum Monday

22 March 2012 / Leave a Comment
Some weird coincidences. On my recent holiday, I managed to read most of the articles in the current copy of Ampersand Magazine (this is actually a real luxury for me, given that I am usually pulled away from the weekend newspapers to play matchbox cars or Mother Gothel). Anyway, I read an article by John Birmingham about him agreeing to write some e-books for Momentum Books, a division of Pan Macmillan Australia. He talks about the new world of publishing and the positive opportunities that digital publishing present for both writers and readers. I made a note of Momentum Books on my iphone to research later.

So then today, while having my coffee at my favourite lunchtime cafe, I saw a retweet about Momentum Books calling for submissions. So I checked out their website and read their guidelines. They receive submissions only on Mondays (Momentum Monday) and what I really like is that authors receive the same level of editorial guidance as in their traditional model of publishing.

It got me thinking ... my blog, my website, my twitter account - all named Out of print writer. Are all the stars aligning? Am I really supposed to be an Out of print writer forever? Is digital publishing, the e-book really for me? Is this what I was always meant to do? I'm thinking maybe...


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