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20 March 2012 / Leave a Comment
So, I have returned from our holiday. It was so lovely to be away with the family. It's our first holiday in two years ... that's what happens I guess when we have a second baby, sell our house and buy another one that we can't really afford, as well as both work part time so that we can both be home with the kids...

Anyway, all that sea air, walks on the beach and rustic rasberry and white chocolate muffins have helped me to feel more positive about this journey to be a writer that I am on...

I have decided on a few new rules for my writing:

- write quickly, get it all out (with lots of xxxx to be filled in later) and edit thereafter
- don't write and send anything off on the same night, there can always be better ideas in the morning
- when editing, think of each line as one would compose a tweet

There are more rules too ... just that I am writing quickly now and can xxxx fill them in again later when it's not so late and I haven't done so many loads of washing xxxx


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