Indie publisher – The Stoneslide Corrective

30 April 2012 / Leave a Comment

The Stoneslide Corrective is based in the states of California and Connecticut, in the United States. They welcome unsolicited submissions and read them blind, so that the work is judged, not the author’s reputation or publishing history.

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Publisher Joel Naoum on Momentum Mondays

27 April 2012 / Leave a Comment

Following on from my recent post about manuscript submission days, I contacted Joel Naoum publisher of Momentum, Australia’s first major digital imprint – of Pan Macmillan. Momentum is open for submissions, but only on Mondays between 12am and 11.59pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). I wanted to find out more…

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Indie publisher – The Rag and Bone Man Press

25 April 2012 / Leave a Comment

The Rag and Bone Man Press, publishers of stories short and long, fiction and non, founded in 2011 in the lamplight of youth.

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April's approaches to writing

24 April 2012 / Leave a Comment
This month I asked 5 of my favourite out of print writers how they approach their writing. We all approach our writing differently, but most of us write on our own - so I thought it would be interesting to get a glimpse of how other writers write.

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Approaches to writing - Dave Ocelot

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Dave Ocelot
The Baggage Carousel
Dan Roberts has a troubled past, anger management issues and a backpack named after an abducted heiress. A chance encounter with a free-spirited Australian girl seems to give his solitary, nomadic life a new sense of direction. But when she doesn't respond to his emails, the only direction he's heading is down...

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Approaches to writing - Kate Braithwaite

23 April 2012 / Leave a Comment
Kate Braithwaite
The Licenser
When Titus Oates stuns Restoration London with fictitious tales of a Popish Plot, only Nat Thompson, The Licenser, has the courage to find the truth.

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Indie publisher – Rough Draft

19 April 2012 / Leave a Comment

Rough Draft is a small Melbourne publisher, started in 2011 by Michael Hanrahan, with the aim of publishing high-quality fiction and non-fiction by Australian and international authors. I asked Michael some questions about Rough Draft and the advantages of publishing with a small press…

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Manuscript submission days

17 April 2012 / 2 comments
publishers accepting manuscripts

I asked a friend of mine, who works as an editor for an Australian publisher, why major publishers are deciding to have manuscript submission days where they accept unsolicited manuscripts.

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Indie publishers

9 April 2012 / Leave a Comment
While many publishing houses' doors are shut, with door bitches demanding entry only via a literary agent, there are a number of independent publishers that have a friendly 'submissions are welcome' sign on their door.

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Approaches to writing - Paul Beattie

7 April 2012 / Leave a Comment

Paul Beattie
Filthy Luca
A boy, a Nazi and a dead body in the dining room.

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Approaches to writing - Michael Dale

2 April 2012 / Leave a Comment

Michael Dale
Rude Awakening
This breakthrough novel takes an unflinching look at London's cubicle-driven society. Junior accountant Lucas Swink blows up a window and leaps out the office block, in an attempt to awaken the masses.

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Approaches to writing - April

1 April 2012 / Leave a Comment
I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to find out how other out of print writers write. I’m not talking about plot, character development, setting etc – although all of that is interesting too. I want to know how other writers manage their manuscript? How do they take it from draft stage, to something that is polished and will hopefully shine for the reader?

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