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30 April 2012 / Leave a Comment

The Stoneslide Corrective is based in the states of California and Connecticut, in the United States. They welcome unsolicited submissions and read them blind, so that the work is judged, not the author’s reputation or publishing history.

What made you decide to set up your own independent press?
We believe writing can be a reaching out to what’s best inside all of us, and simultaneously not ignore what’s worst and middling. We want to attract authors who make great demands of themselves in terms of the quality of what they write, and how they write it. We want readers who seek the best that writing can offer.

What makes Stoneslide Corrective unique?
We have a funnel.

How many manuscript submissions do you receive a month and how many of these may be of a publishable standard?
We've just started, but already we're seeing around 50 submissions a
month. Many of those have been very high quality, but we've found only a handful
have really worked for Stoneslide.

What advantages does a smaller press present for authors over larger publishing houses?
Stoneslide can give an author greater attention.

What kind of manuscripts are you currently looking for?
We look for manuscripts with strong character development and narrative thrust,
brought out with writing that’s clear and expressive. We like books that are serious,
comic, brooding, lighthearted, dark, touching, poignant, satirical, humorous,
acerbic, warm. We want good books, period, books whose every word propels
readers forward toward greater pleasure, understanding, and depth.

What are your predictions for the publishing landscape over the next 5–10 years, and what does this mean for authors?
We believe that predicting the future of publishing has the same chance of success
as predicting the future! A few trends are obvious, such as the move to
increasing digital dissemination and the increasing ease of publishing, but
where exactly these trends will go is anyone's guess. We are trying to stay on
top of these developments, while retaining our focus on creating and curating
the very best content possible.

The Stoneslide Corrective

The Rejection Generator
The Stoneslide Corrective have developed an online Rejection Generator, through which you can send yourself some of the nastiest, dream-crushing rejection letters imaginable. Build up rejection immunity now:


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