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27 April 2012 / Leave a Comment

Following on from my recent post about manuscript submission days, I contacted Joel Naoum publisher of Momentum, Australia’s first major digital imprint – of Pan Macmillan. Momentum is open for submissions, but only on Mondays between 12am and 11.59pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). I wanted to find out more…

Why does Momentum only accept submissions on Mondays each week (Momentum Monday)?
The reason we picked Mondays is because of the alliteration! We only accept submissions on one day of the week because we are a small team and we don't have the administrative capabilities to receive, file and assess submissions 24/7. We've also found that restricting submissions in a meaningful way raises the quality. People who submit to Momentum Monday don't just send a random submission on a whim – they have to follow strict guidelines and plan to send it on a particular day.

How many submissions would you generally receive each Monday, and out of these, how many may be of interest to you?
I think the most we've received on a Monday is about 15 submissions. There are generally at least one or two per week we like enough to request more to read (but that's an average – sometimes we don't see anything we like, one week we asked to see more of every single submission).

What do you think is the most important – the cover letter, the synopsis or the manuscript? And do you ever not even look at a manuscript, based on the cover letter or the synopsis?
The manuscript is always the most important part. The letter might be ordinary and the synopsis might be crazy but if the manuscript is good, we'll want to see more. Having said that, it doesn't hurt not to scare off the publisher in the first couple of pages with an absolutely insane covering letter (trust me, we get them all the time!).

Joel Naoum
Publisher, Momentum


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