Dear Editor

11 May 2012 / 2 comments

Please find my manuscript enclosed. It may not be to your taste, but that's okay, not everything is to my taste either. Just please respond to me one way or another.

I know that you haven't heard of me, as I don't have a public profile, or any published work to speak of. What I have though, is a manuscript that I have been working on for almost ten years. I have spent $250 on a manuscript assessment, and a fine sum in submitting it to awards. However, these have not been the only costs this book has incurred.

This book has cost me time that I could have spent with my partner or my kids or doing enjoyable and normal things like taking the dog for a walk or planting annuals in the garden. It has been the contention of arguments, the reason why the house is rarely spick and span and the bathroom has mould in it. My home admin is suffering, I haven't downloaded photos off my digital camera, or backed up videos of my children for months. But I have rewritten the first section of my novel about fifteen times.

It is why I stay up late at night, typing and agonising over scenes and my choice of words, and why I give myself headaches, spending too much time in the harsh glare of my computer screen and drinking too much caffeine. I have to do this, regardless that one of my children may wake up at 2am scared that a black spot on the ceiling may be a spider, or at 4am because they have a bad cough. I spend my days in a state of tiredness, whilst trying to be an upbeat mother, or a conscientious employee, until I can radiate myself with that computer glare again post-8pm.

I can't shower or drive in peace, my characters are always talking to me. I often go into rooms and forget what I went in there for. I can't relax in front of the TV, as I always feel like I should be writing. When a friend asks me out for dinner, it's an annoyance, as I would really rather spend a night with one of my characters who does far more interesting things than going out for dinner.

It is tiring having to convince my partner that this is a worthwhile pursuit, even when I don't know if it is myself. The rejections weigh heavily on me and sometimes self-doubt makes it hard to write another sentence.

So, please consider all this when you read my manuscript. I'm not begging you to publish my story - as I said, it may not be right for you. I know you are busy, you have deadlines to meet and meetings to attend. I'm just asking you to read a page or two and to respond in a somewhat timely fashion.

And please treat me with respect, because this writing thing is not a hobby, it is hard work.

Best wishes

Unpublished Writer


  1. This is really great. I love reading things like this and thinking "Wow, this person is just like me". I think in a way, every writer sees themselves in every other writer in one way or another.

    Anyway, this was just what I needed right now :) So thank you!

    1. Thanks - your comment is just what I needed right now too!


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