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11 May 2012 / Leave a Comment

Alfie Dog Limited is an exciting new publishing company which will publish a range of short stories and books in a number of genres. On 16 May they will be launching short stories to download and read at your leisure, including a story by Neil Randall – who I have featured here on this blog. Managing Director Rosemary J. Kind shared more about Alfie Dog…

What will Alfie Dog be publishing and in what sort of formats?
We will be publishing short stories in a wide range of genres. We have hundreds of stories suitable for ages 0-100, but we don't cover erotic content or gratuitous violence. Our stories range from 500 words to 15,000 words and we aim to fill the gap in e-publishing of shorter writing. We are offering three formats, .mobi for use with Kindle, .epub for most other e-readers and .pdf to read on computer or print out.

What advantages are there for writers publishing with Alfie Dog?
All our stories are edited. The work that appears on the site will be of a high standard and we don't just accept anything. Our brand will be a mark of quality and something worth boasting on a CV. However, the main benefit is that your work is not being offered for free and you will receive royalties on all your sales. We are sharing the revenue equally with the writers, after the Paypal fee has been taken off. The writer gets half of the after transaction fee revenue. We believe that a writer works hard to put a story together and deserves to be rewarded. We also accept stories that have been previously published.

How do you see Alfie Dog growing over the next few years?
We will build up our story bank and our range, but then look at new developments. We may start to offer more ebooks and traditionally printed books and will consider offering an audio version of our stories.

Rosemary J. Kind
Managing Director, Alfie Dog Limited


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