When can I call myself a writer?

4 May 2012 / 1 comment
Every day I try to spend a couple of hours dedicated to my writing. Some days it might be working on one of my books, other days it might be writing a freelance piece, or reading and commenting on other author's books on Authonomy, or, often these days, it is spending time on my blog or twitter. I am writing all the time. But when can I call myself a writer?

It seems that I don't have the confidence to call myself a writer yet. It's like a dirty secret of mine - my one and a half unpublished novels. It's like a first trimester pregnancy, where one is excited about what is growing inside of them, but they can't tell everyone until they pass into the next stage, in case the pregnancy fails and the baby is never born.

Sure I tell some close friends that I've got books that I'm working on, but I like to tone it down, it's embarrassing almost. I'm scared what people will think: 'What makes her think that she has something worthwhile to say?' 'Surely she is deluded.' 'She's kidding herself. There are so many writers out there trying to get published. It's an unrealistic dream. Shall I humour her with some interest?'

The weird thing is, if my book is ever picked up by a publisher I will want to announce it to the world. I seem to need some validation from someone, somewhere, before I can call myself a writer. Until then, I am just another wannabe.

1 comment:

  1. You have written one and a half books. You write every day. You are passionate about writing. No one is holding a gun to your head. You write because you love it. It pleases you, completes you. You ARE a writer!


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