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21 July 2012 / Leave a Comment
I've got a confession to make and you may not like it. You're likely to suspect that I'm a great big phony. But I'm going to tell you anyway, as I want to do something about it...

I've been banging on about all these great indie publishers lately. I've even made lists of my favourites and published them on this blog. I've made assessments of them based on their websites, book covers, blurbs and reviews of their books. I've submitted my manuscript to a couple of them. Some of these independent publishers have even been kind enough to contribute to this blog.

But my confession is that I haven't actually bought or read any of their books. And I am rather ashamed of this.

If we want to have successful small presses that are going to take risks on unpublished writers, then we all need to support them. I'm going to start putting my money (and my time) where my mouth is - I'm going to read one indie-published book by a debut author a month over the coming year. I will then be able to make a more informed assessment of these publishers and the sort of books they are publishing. But more than that, I will be backing these publishers who are probably working against all sorts of odds to publish books that otherwise would never see the light of day. And that is something really worth supporting.

Some resources to check out:
Small Press Underground Networking Community - Australia
Independent Publishers Guild - UK
Independent Book Publishers Association - US


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