Indie book a month – I hate Martin Amis et al.

20 August 2012 / 3 comments
I hate Martin Amis et al. Peter Barry

Peter Barry’s debut novel I hate Martin Amis et al. can be summed up as ‘when rejection turns a writer into a sniper’. Milan has written four books and all of them have been rejected. Usually he receives the standard, impersonal rejection slip, but then he receives a personal comment, ‘Scarcely original. Feel I’ve read this before’, and this tips him over the edge.

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Recently in print - Irma Gold

13 August 2012 / 2 comments

Irma Gold is an award-winning writer and editor. Her debut collection of short fiction Two Steps Forward won a Canberra Critics Circle Award for Literature. She is currently completing her debut novel for which she received an artsACT grant and a LongLines Award from the Eleanor Dark Foundation. Irma has edited a wide range of fiction, nonfiction and children’s books, and is the commissioning editor of a number of anthologies, including The Invisible Thread, a century of literature by Canberra writers which will be released in October by Halstead Press.

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A writer's digital toolkit

6 August 2012 / 3 comments
In the past, a writer's toolkit may have consisted of a pen and paper, or a typewriter, a dictionary and a thesaurus and other reference books. These days there are so many digital aids that a writer can tap into, and often, the answer to a writer's query may just be one click away.

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Recently in print - Genevieve Graham

2 August 2012 / 3 comments

Genevieve Graham’s first book Under the Same Sky was finally picked up by Penguin US. But they didn’t want just that book – they wanted her to write another novel as well! Find out more about how an unknown writer landed a double book deal with one of the world’s leading publishers.

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