Giving up

4 September 2012 / 4 comments
I recently pledged to read one indie book a month. I loved the first book I discovered (I hate Martin Amis et. al. by Peter Barry), but unfortunately I haven't been able to connect with the second one. I don't care for the main character or the journey that they are on. I couldn't care a bit. So, after numerous attempts, I am giving up around page 60.

I am sorry writer, as I understand the work that has gone into this novel, your first. I still applaud you for completing this book, it's quite long, and in many ways it is very well written. It moves along at a fair pace and there are interesting interactions every now and again. But unfortunately, it's not enough to sustain me. It's not that I need a page turner, I just need to read about someone who I'm vaguely interested in. So I'm breaking it off with you. But you should know that it's not you, it's me.

My time is very precious, I've got two young kids, I work .5 and I have two blogs to maintain, two Facebook and Twitter accounts and have recently joined up to Pinterest. I'm also supposed to be writing a book myself. In this new 'sound bite' world, if I'm not taken with something straight away, it's a real chore to complete it. I signed up to discover great new writing by debut novelists and independent presses. I didn't sign up to be slowly tormented by words.

I'm going to select my next 10 books more carefully, as I don't want to have to admit to giving up on a book in this particular quest again...


  1. I think it's fair if you give a book a go and then decide it's not for you. It is supposed to be entertainment after all.

    Moody Writing

  2. Hi, I feel it would be better for the writer to know how you feel. I'd want to know. That of course does not mean everyone wants to know. But if you are a well read person, your opinion is valid and any writer should take something away from your comments on their book.

    After all I assume there was something that drew you to the book in the first place, so it had something going for it.

    I too have done exactly what you have done with many Indie books and even with Anna Funder's, All That I Am. I let my feeling be known about Anna's book, but did not for the Indie books. But I will in the future.

    As an Indy writer myself I know my books are not great. Most Indie books are not. They are written like people like me, new to the craft. I don't think I have helped Indie writer's become better writers by not telling them what I thought, I should have.

    It's not naming and shaming, I'd never do that, it is honest advice. I need that. So do many other Indie writers.

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