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28 September 2012 / 1 comment
As I mentioned in a recent post, I have discovered the wonderful world of podcasts. I currently subscribe to BBC Radio 4 Bookclub and Books and Authors, Radio National's Books +, The Guardian's Books podcasts, The Naked Book and The Writing University (from the University of Iowa).  It's becoming my own audio learning centre where I get to listen to the world's best authors and industry professionals talking about writing and publishing (and I can listen while I'm walking the dog, or weeding the garden). Here is a list of the most inspiring literary podcasts I have discovered ... and I will be adding to it over time ...

Authors and books
Also, check out this list of Best Book-ish podcasts on the Momentum blog (some good suggestions in the comments too) ... http://momentumbooks.com.au/blog/the-best-book-ish-podcasts-confessions-of-a-podcast-addict/

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! Glad you're enjoying the podcast.


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