Small press pop quiz - Black Inc.

26 February 2013 / 2 comments

What makes Black Inc. different to other publishers?
I think being small and completely independent gives us the freedom and flexibility to publish really current and exciting titles. Titles that some bigger publishers may find too risky or not easily marketable.

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Small press pop quiz - Rough Draft

25 February 2013 / 1 comment

What kind of manuscripts are you looking for?
Good ones! I know that’s not much help, but we don’t really have a formula or genre. I can’t say we do romance or sci fi or crime. I try to find high-quality books and authors we can work with. I know what a Rough Draft book is when I see it. We’ve only done non-fiction so far, but we do accept fiction submissions as well and we’ll publish a novel when we find the right one. Another advantage of a small press is there’s no pressure to publish a certain number of books each year; when we find a book we like we publish it.

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Small press pop quiz - Dzanc Books

20 February 2013 / 2 comments

What makes Dzanc Books different to other publishers?  
We are concerned solely with the quality of the writing. If a book is great we want to publish it. We do not look at the bottom line of marketability first. We look solely at the book and how well it is written. Dzanc is not only a great print publisher but our ebook series - rEprint - has set the standard in the industry for publishing past works of great fiction and nonfiction in ebook form. We also have several imprints. We are very supportive of other independent presses and journals. We fund and publish The Collagist and Absinthe literary reviews. Finally, we are also very much devoted to community work and provide many programs for free to schools and community outreach facilities.

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Small press pop quiz - Pantera Press

19 February 2013 / 2 comments

What makes Pantera Press different to other publishers?
Uniquely our focus is on previously unpublished Australian authors (predominantly writing commercial fiction). We are actively seeking to find and develop the next generation of Australia's best-loved authors. We think that there is some great writing talent in Australia, and it is important that we find it, support it and share it!

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No more junk for the mind

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The other night I broke one of my accupuncturist's rules. 'People with your condition must get at least 8 hours sleep,' he is known to say to me. So I try my hardest to get my 8 hours of sleep a night, give or take an hour here and there when one child decides to wake up at an unfortunate time. But the other night, it was my fault, I sat on the couch, way past my bedtime, watching a double episode of a reality TV show. In the morning I felt guilty and gross, like I'd just eaten a cheeseburger and fries, and I wondered why I'd done that to my mind and body.

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