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19 February 2013 / 2 comments

What makes Pantera Press different to other publishers?
Uniquely our focus is on previously unpublished Australian authors (predominantly writing commercial fiction). We are actively seeking to find and develop the next generation of Australia's best-loved authors. We think that there is some great writing talent in Australia, and it is important that we find it, support it and share it!

We also run the business as a social enterprise. With a percentage of profits going towards programs and projects that help encourage the joy of reading, as well as helping to close the literacy gap in Australia.

Finally we have an unusual financial model where we offer authors a 50/50 profit share deal. This is the same kind of arrangement that big time authors like Stephen King and J.K. Rowling would have. What this means is that instead of the author getting a traditional royalty fee, they instead get 50% of the profits from the sale of their books. While this means that if the book is a real success (which we hope they all will be) the author stands to make a lot more money (and we stand to make less than we would have under a royalty agreement) this actually fits in with what we are trying to do in terms of investing in Australian writing culture. We would love our authors to be able to make enough money that they could quit their day jobs and do what they love, writing full time.

What kind of manuscripts are you looking for?
For adult fiction we are open to any genre. But within that, we are looking for well-written, riveting reads for a wider appealing audience.
For young adult fiction (15+) we are mainly looking for books that are part of a series.
For non-fiction we are looking for books on important issues that foster ideas and debate.

If someone was to read two books on your list, what should they be?
I'm going to say The Trusted by John M. Green - a thriller about a radical environmentalist terrorist group who plan to 'save' the world, by destroying it...
And Hindsight by Melanie Casey - a crime thriller featuring Cass Lehman, a woman with a psychic gift who partners up with a local detective to uncover what appears to be a serial killer who would have been operating in their midst for years.

I picked these two because they are our next two books coming out. They are also each the first book in what will both be exciting new series. The Trusted is John's third novel, but the first in the Tori Swyft series. Hindsight is Melanie Casey's first novel, and we are very excited to have just signed her on as a new Pantera Press author last year.

What are you excited about for 2013?
  • Finding new authors
  • Releasing two new Pantera Press authors (Melanie Casey as mentioned above, and Wanda Wiltshire who has written a beautiful fantasy series set in an enchanted fairy world called Betrothed).
  • Bringing out new books from our existing authors - Sulari Gentill's Gentlemen Formerly Dressed which is the 5th book in her Rowland Sinclair series will be our big Christmas title this year!
  • Continuing our support for The Smith Family's wonderful Let's Read program - where we are aiming to launch 7 new Let's Read communities around Australia
  • Being involved with some of the great writers and readers festivals: Sydney, Byron, Brisbane, Griffith, Mudgee, Bendigo to name a few
  • And hopefully having a lot of fun doing all of the above


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