Small press pop quiz - Rough Draft

25 February 2013 / 1 comment

What kind of manuscripts are you looking for?
Good ones! I know that’s not much help, but we don’t really have a formula or genre. I can’t say we do romance or sci fi or crime. I try to find high-quality books and authors we can work with. I know what a Rough Draft book is when I see it. We’ve only done non-fiction so far, but we do accept fiction submissions as well and we’ll publish a novel when we find the right one. Another advantage of a small press is there’s no pressure to publish a certain number of books each year; when we find a book we like we publish it.

If someone was to read two books on your list, what should they be?
Anybody who’s read two Rough Draft books has read two-thirds of our entire list! We’ve only been around for a couple of years so we only have three titles so far. From Eternity to Here is a topical book at the moment. It provides an insider’s account of the Catholic Church from an ex-priest. Diet Tips for Busy Chicks is an informative and entertaining read for anybody looking to get healthy. It’s not a quick fix solution; it’s about making sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle to improve your health. I made some changes to my diet while I was working on it!

What are you excited about for 2013?
Two new books! Yes, our list is going to almost double in one year. I’d like to see Penguin do that. We’re currently working with Vickie on the next Busy Chicks book, and we’ve almost signed a new author we’re very excited about. I sent her the contract this week, and we’ll make the announcement when it’s all officially signed and sealed. Stay tuned ...

I’m also looking forward to seeing how the publishing industry shakes out. There’s been a lot of upheaval in the last few years, but I think it’s all going to sort itself out a bit more this year. I’ve been in publishing for over 15 years and have never seen anything like it. Ebooks bring great opportunities for small presses but also lots of chaos in the transition.

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