Small press pop quiz - Blemish Books

26 March 2013 / 3 comments

What makes Blemish Books different to other publishers?
I think Blemish Books shares the same vision as many independent publishers in Australia - we want to publish writing that is innovative, new and exciting. We want to give new and emerging writers a chance, and also publish writers of genres and styles that are more frequently overlooked by mainstream, commercial publishers. For Blemish Books publishing books is about being involved in an ongoing and evolving conversation about literature in Australia. The most important aspect of that conversation is that the voices are varied and diverse.

What kind of manuscripts are you looking for?
We’re looking for anything that’s well written and interesting. So far we have published three anthologies of poetry, two novellas and one book of themed essays. Recently we opened our doors to all genres of writing for the February 5 Page Pitch. We’re still reading our way through the many excellent entries.

If someone was to read two books on your list, what should they be?
I would suggest Caught in the Breeze and I’m Ready Now. Caught in the Breeze is a collection of essays, short stories and poetry that reflects on the role of the Australian flag in contemporary society. I think this book is a great read for the diversity of perspectives that it presents. There are academics, vexillologists (flag experts), refugees and gay rights activists among many others who wrote to us to share their thoughts and views on this controversial topic. Caught in the Breeze was the first Blemish Books publication and we are still very proud of it!

I’m Ready Now by Nigel Featherstone is our newest title. Novelist Marion Halligan calls it a ‘powerful yet gentle narrative that grabs you and holds you till the end’, and we couldn’t agree more. Nigel’s skilful writing and evocative turn of phrase really jumped out at us when we first read the manuscript. It has been a privilege to be able to share this piece of fiction with the world. I’m Ready Now is also a great companion piece to Featherstone’s first novella, Fall On Me, which won the ACT Writing and Publishing Award (Fiction) 2012.

What are you excited about for 2013?
We’re excited about the new writing that’s coming in, new opportunities to promote our authors and publications, and the chance to keep doing what we love.


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