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14 March 2013 / 4 comments
Last year, I had a light bulb moment, where I thought imagine if a small press makes writers who want to submit their work to them somehow purchase one or two books from their list. This would do a couple of things, namely: make the writer more familiar with the books on their list, and the writing style of those authors already published and it would financially help to support the publisher's list.

Well, it seems that I wasn't the only person struck with this idea. I have just come across children's publisher New Frontier Publishing's submission guidelines and they encourage authors to purchase an author submission pack For $60 the writer will receive three of their latest picture books, two junior novels and explanations of why these books were selected. At $60 this is not cheap, so an author would have to be really serious about wanting to make it onto their list. However, I like that they offer the chance to read an explanation about why those books were selected - this would be really interesting for writers to read.

Through my Indie book a month series I am trying to become more familiar with books on independent publisher's lists. I think that it is important to read their books. I don't think it's fair just to shoot off manuscript submissions to publishers you've never cared to invest either time or money in. And through this exercise in reading a book a month published by a small press, I'm weighing up my own work against the books that I am reading, calculating the likelihood of it getting a look in and working out whether I would like to work with these people.


  1. I too found New Frontiers author pack and after much deliberation decided to buy the pack. But when I went to pay, they were going to charge an extra $45 for shipping (I am in NZ not Australia, so I guess that why). At that point I backed out of the sale. Wile I was prepared to pay $60, I thought charging that much for shipping was a bit on the nose. I am prepared to invest in my writing career, but there are much better ways to spend over $100. I will continue to support publishers who make submitting a more resonable option though.

    1. That's interesting! Thanks for sharing this with us ... I agree ... once it gets up to that much one has to assess the cost against the likelihood of success and where else that money could be better spent. Thanks again for commenting and good luck with everything!

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