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Exciting news, in June 2013 Little, Brown Book Group will launch the first digital literary imprint from a major UK publisher. The Blackfriars website will feature a ‘reader recommends’ function where the general public can suggest their favourite unpublished writers. I contacted Blackfriars to find out more ...

Why has Little, Brown decided to launch a new digital imprint?
It seemed an obvious thing to do, as the number of people reading electronically continues to grow. While genre publishing has lead the way, with romance, erotic, sci-fi and crime/thriller ebooks reaching wider audiences, literary publishing will follow as these readers also want to read and discuss the books they love.

What kind of manuscripts are you hoping to publish?
We’re hoping to publish the kind of literary fiction that you fall in love with, that is fresh and exciting, with great stories and characterisation and that transport you to another place.

How can writers submit their work to Blackfriars?
Our acquisitions are for the most part made through literary agents. But the exciting thing about the Blackfriars website is that it gives unpublished writers the opportunity to showcase their work and gauge opinion, and provides a new way for writers to attract the attention of publishers and agents.

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