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27 May 2013 / 3 comments

Harlequin UK, of Mills & Boon fame, have launched a brand new digital imprint Carina. According to their website, ‘Carina will consider ALL genres of writing. What matters to us is that you tell a great story! No matter the genre, the style, the format – if it’s a novel, novella, serial or series – we want to hear from fresh voices across the storytelling world. In addition, due to rapidly expanding digital markets in the UK, South Africa and India, we’d especially love to hear from authors from those territories.’ I contacted Carina to find out more …

Why has Harlequin UK decided to launch a new digital imprint?
The global digital audience is ever-increasing, and we wanted to launch Carina to give talented new writers the chance to get published quickly into ebook, where success isn’t dependent on retail shelf space or fitting the current bestseller trend. We can offer a fast-track to the marketplace, and a platform on the Carina site, as well as on all of the great third-party retailer sites such as Amazon, iBookstore, Google, Play, Kobo and Sony.

What kind of manuscripts are you hoping to publish?
We will consider ALL genres of writing – what matters to us is that it is a great read. No matter the genre (fiction or non-fiction), the style, the format – we want to hear from fresh new voices in the writing community with something new and interesting to offer. You can submit directly to us at and our guidelines can be found on our website

How will Carina be different to other imprints under Harlequin UK?
Carina is a digital first imprint – and so we will publish straight into ebook and quickly! Plus, we are also looking to challenge the notion of story itself, and so Carina will be looking to acquire projects that transcend the existing boundaries of the book world and can be launched across multiple digital formats. No other imprint in Harlequin is doing this, and so Carina will be at the forefront of innovative digital publishing.


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