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17 June 2013 / 4 comments
I've been absent from the blogosphere for a number of weeks now, haven't so much as checked a blog stat or tweeted. And I must confess that I haven't read an indie book this month ... but I plan to catch up again. I've been in shut down mode, trying to bang out a first draft of a new manuscript, currently titled 'The war artist and the half-dead beauty'. After a number of early mornings, an hour or two here or there, I've managed a rather sketchy first draft in 6 or 7 weeks and am feeling good about it (about 30,000 words). But it's time to put it on ice and get back to all the things that I've neglected recently.

It's been a big writing year for me so far, I've written three short children's stories - just heard back from a publisher about these last week, and although they aren't going to take them up, they had some very encouraging words to say. The editor took the time to respond thoughtfully and positively to my work - which is always a good sign. (I'm always grateful to what Marcos M. Villatoro said in his talk about inspiration comes from rejection http://outofprintwriting.blogspot.com.au/search/label/Being%20an%20unpublished%20writer) Anyway, I'll start doing the rounds with these stories again in the near future, so look out for a post soon about children's publishers currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts!

And, I managed to get a submission in for the Vogel Award with a new book 'Unfit for motherhood' - more of a novella, it just scraped in to the minimum word count. It's my last shot at it, as I turn 35 next year ... so after making it to the longlist once, and being highly commended another time, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I could make it to the shortlist this year - but still a long shot ... but then writers are dreamers with big imaginations ... that's why we do what we do ...


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  2. It is hard to keep blogging. Especially at the start.
    Good luck in the Vogel award.

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