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27 October 2013 / Leave a Comment
Last year Bookkus Publishing launched with a unique publishing model where a community of readers select the books that Bookkus will publish. I caught up with the founder William Yatscoff to find out how it was all going ...

What have been your greatest achievements since launching Bookkus Publishing?
It has been a long year since Bookkus was launched. It was exciting with ups and downs, but was a really great journey all told. I think the best news came when we finally decided to publish Dream Caster. It took a long time to have the book reviewed, discussed, and finally set up to publish. The marketing is also a great challenge and I am interested in seeing what I can do with the book.

How has the online reading and writing community responded to your unique model of connecting readers and writers to help select worthy manuscripts for publication?
The feedback we receive is mainly from inside our community. We have built our community up to about 800 members with about 125 being active. Most of the authors and readers say they really love the format and method we have of choosing our books. They are supportive and helpful in their responses to helping authors and choosing the best books.

What are you looking forward to in the next year and how do you see Bookkus Publishing continuing to grow?
We've really been working towards trying to publish 5 books a year. I don't think we will make it for this year, but next year I think we will hit that or surpass it. In the next year I see some big changes coming to the site to make our reviewer experience much easier and receive some cool benefits for being a reviewer. We hope to get a community manager and a full-time marketer on board for next year. I am really excited about everything that is happening.

William Yatscoff
Bookkus Publishing


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