Children’s publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts

4 November 2013

I promised a while back to put together a list of children's publishers currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Here it is ...

Online/email submissions 

Postal submissions

Working Title Press 
Stripes Publishing

Leave more suggestions in the comments!


  1. I thought your readers might be interested in submitting query letters to Tall Tails Publishing House. We're a small independent children's press, and we're expanding our catalog with two new Middle Grade imprints this year. One is for non-fiction and reference, and the other is for fiction chapter books. I have included our wish list below, but other genres may be considered.

    Middle Grade Non-fiction and reference:
    - Writing guides and reference books
    - Biographies of (often overlooked) historical figures
    - Accounts of historical events using primary sources, especially from a child’s POV
    - Oklahoma history and biographies, especially from a child’s POV
    - Science and technology guides, tutorials, and reference materials

    Middle Grade Fiction Chapter Books:
    - Legends, myths, or fairy tales—with a twist!
    - Science Fiction set in outer space
    - Post-Apocalyptic stories (remember the audience!)
    - Stories featuring multicultural or non-traditional family groups, especially during the holidays or special events
    - Scary chapter books

    Our current response time is about six weeks, but if an author doesn't hear from us in that time frame, they can send us an email. Please read our Submission Guidelines ( carefully before submitting.

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Have added Tall Tails to the list ... I can do a separate blog post/twitter callout too if you'd like?!