Indie book a month - Secret Dancer

27 January 2014 / Leave a Comment

The Other Publishing Company has a number of short stories in their LitBits series available on Amazon Kindle. They all have great cover designs and I was really interested in a number of the story blurbs, but I ended up choosing Secret Dancer by Ron Mace as I'm fascinated by the lives of professional dancers.

In Secret Dancer Mary and Rachel meet at the grounds of a hospice to be near their ex-dancer friend Richard who is dying. We are taken on a trip down memory lane; the hopefulness of the three of them when they were young dancers in a regional ballet company and how things have turned out differently to how they expected.

Ron Mace writes confidently and there were a number of finely-crafted phrases, such as ‘he always looked as if he was a creature of dark rooms and shaded trees’. Sometimes I felt as though we were leaping over the story a little, when I wanted to have my feet grounded on the stage with them. However, I really liked the unexpected twist at the end and I could really sympathise with Rachel and the position that she found herself in. Despite the tragedy, I found this to be a really heartwarming and thought-provoking story.


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