Indie book a month summary

28 January 2014 / 3 comments

Back in July 2012 I pledged to read an indie-published story a month. I had been banging on about all these incredibly brave small presses, but I hadn’t read many of their books. So I decided to read works published by 12 indie presses. It took me longer than 12 months, but I’ve finally completed the mission that I set out to do.

I’ve discovered some great books that I may never have read otherwise. Highlights have been I hate Martin Amis et. al. by Peter Barry (Transit Lounge), Serve the People by Yan Lianke (Text Publishing), The Lighthouse by Alison Moore (Salt Publishing), Things we didn’t see coming by Steven Amsterdam (Sleepers Publishing), A quiet place to die by Neil Randall (Wild Wolf Publishing) and Fall on me by Nigel Featherstone (Blemish Books). Gee, as I’m typing this … I’m realising that I really did enjoy a lot of those books.

They weren’t all hits though, there were some misses, there was one book that I couldn’t even complete. But overall, I found everything to be of a really high standard, including the beautifully illustrated children’s book Actually, I can by Nicky Johnston (Rough Draft) and the more recent short stories Alice in Wonderland by Nancy Christie (Pixel Hall Press) and Secret Dancer by Ron Mace (LitBits, The Other Publishing Company).

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