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20 January 2014 / Leave a Comment

What makes Sandstone Press different to other publishers?
I think most small (though I hate to use the word!) presses are driven by passion, love of literature and a desire to share the best writing with the world. So that's it - save the resonance of our Highland, Scotland location which makes us doggedly determined (despite inclement weather in the publishing climate), committed and loyal (both to providing quality literature for readers and aiding writers to achieve the best for their work) and blessed with a firm (and justified) belief that small can be mighty.

What kind of manuscripts are you looking for?
We like to think of ourselves as bringing bold books to readers - stories that do more than entertain. We're strong on outdoor titles and non-fiction which explores extraordinary lives.

If someone was to read two books on your list, what should they be?
The Purchase by Linda Spalding (a fantastic historical book, where the author explores the lives of a black slave, his purchase by an abolitionist Quaker and the ramifications for both families through the decades - more about her experience of writing historical fiction here and Ever Fallen in Love by Zoe Strachan (a finely crafted, visceral tale of how not to fit in following two young men, their loves and losses as students and the lives they end up living). 

What are you excited about for 2014?
So much - we're publishing even more fiction than in previous years, and have the next in both our Nordic Crime series (The Hunting Dogs by Jorn Lier Horst) and Sea Detective series (The Malice of Waves by Mark Douglas Home). On the non-fiction front, we've the highly anticipated biography of Leonard Cohen (A Broken Hallelujah by Liel Leibovitz) and Daunderlust - dispatches from unreported Scotland by journalist and writer Peter Ross - a simply captivating series of finely-crafted essays which capture the very essence of Scotland, both place and people.


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