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23 January 2014 / Leave a Comment

What makes Screwpulp different to other publishers?
At Screwpulp we allow anyone to publish, but to help authors receive reviews quickly we give away initial copies of any new book in exchange for an honest review/rating. After these initial copies, currently 25, all books move up to a $1 tier regardless of its rating. This allows readers to make an informed decision before spending their hard earned money. Obviously books that aren’t rated well aren’t going to sell, but those that do receive good ratings will continue to rise in price along with demand. This approach rewards early readers with lower prices and creates a sense of scarcity normally not seen with digital goods. It also rewards popular authors with higher revenue. Because our approach utilises the expertise of average readers to do some of the heavy lifting of filtering the good from the bad the author is able to retain 75% of each book sale.

What kind of manuscripts are you looking for?
We are genre agnostic and are looking for books of all types. Because we expect to have books from every genre we are currently working on a book discovery method that makes it easy for readers to find exactly what they are interested in reading. We plan to use selections such as mood, target audience, story location, main character age, sex, etc. as ways to search. So if you’re looking for a sad story about a woman in her 30s set in Europe, you get a list that most closely matches your request regardless of genre.

If someone was to read two books on your list, what should they be?
We have a lot of good books on the site. I’d hate to pare it down to only two. Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree is a great one for fans of fantasy, westerns and Stephen King style horror. If you’re looking for something funny with a sci-fi twist you could check out Space Slugs. We have spiritual fiction books, business books, children’s books and even a book about math. We have something for every palate and our catalogue is growing daily.

What are you excited about for 2014?
2014 is very exciting for our young startup. We’re beginning this year with investment funding and partnerships which will allow us the opportunity to expand our tools for authors and our accessibility to readers. We’re building an in-browser reader that allows users to read any of our books through most browsers on most devices without the need to download. We’re building an experience that will connect readers and authors on a more personal level. This year authors will be able to build their ebook directly on the site and we will also have tools available to easily market their work, along with easy to read analytics so that they can effectively track their marketing and sales.


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