Writers Bloc – A New Publishing Alternative for Writers

22 January 2014 / Leave a Comment

Sydney-based collective Writers Bloc is creating a website that will, for the first time in Australian publishing, give writers the support to find an avenue for their work. Their unique workshop and feedback engine discovers excellent prose while giving writers confidence that their work is ready to share with the world. It does this by incentivising constructive feedback and allowing users to get individual, specific reviews on their work.

Users remain anonymous and receive unlimited constructive reviews on their work. Workshopping improves users’ skills as an editor and exposes readers to exciting new Australian voices. Writers will join a growing community from all around the world and can start their own groups and collectives.

Writers Bloc are looking for ambitious writers to help shape this community. Beta testers will remain anonymous and receive quality feedback on their work. Beta testing starts Monday 27th of January.


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