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19 February 2014 / 5 comments

What is your plan for promoting your upcoming short story collection?
Together with my publisher, Pixel Hall Press, and Cynthia Dadson, the Director of Marketing, we have developed a great marketing calendar to generate interest in Traveling Left of Center.

Prior to its release in late August, we’ll be providing ARCs to reviewers and sending out press releases via PRWeb.
  • I’m creating a list of bloggers to act as hosts for my book blog tours—an idea that was actually inspired by Gillian Felix, whose I hosted on my blog, The Writer’s Place
  • Another idea is to offer specific bloggers the opportunity to participate in the pre-release cover-reveal for Traveling Left of Center. In return for them doing a three-day promo about the book and its cover on their blog, Pixel Hall Press and I will use our social media venues to announce their participation along with links to their blogs. I see it as a win-win for everyone involved.
  • And, given that I love writing, and reading, short fiction, last December I created 'Celebrate Short Fiction' Day—annually on the shortest day of the year. I have big plans for this year’s day and hope to get support fro bookstores, libraries and of course, the media! Stay tuned for more details, which will be posted on my Finding Fran blog.
One thing that I want to stress is how important it is for authors and publishers to work together as a team to coordinate activities. Working with Pixel Hall Press is truly a collaborative effort—an idea from one of us sparks even more. I know I’m very fortunate to have such as a proactive publishing team behind me!

What promotional tactics have you found to be the most successful in the past?
I’ve been very pleased and gratified by the reviews I have had for Annabelle and Alice in Wonderland—two of the stories that are in the collection—which I attribute to Cynthia. When we started last year, I had a teeny list of potential reviewers and didn’t even know where to find more!

Cynthia not only used her extensive database but also gave me ideas on the best ways to reach out to others on my own. Of course, it’s critical to nurture these relationships by visiting their blogs or following them on social media and posting comments. In some cases, I’ve even invited the reviewers to be on my blogs.

What advice would you give to debut authors trying to promote their books?
  • Start now to get organized and develop a plan that covers at least a year’s worth of activities. 
  • Create a list of appropriate reviewers and bloggers, and reach out to them on a regular basis, either through email, social media or on their own blogs. 
  • Offer free excerpts to readers, so they can get a taste of the story and style. On the Pixel Hall Press website, there are several excerpts including one from Annabelle.
  • And have a web presence that includes some way for people to reach you! 
It’s really import to keep the momentum going even after the book has been released. As Cynthia has said, 'With the new publishing models, a book can continue to be available for years to come. So, the marketing of it must remain viable and fresh. You’re in this for the long run. The publication date isn’t the finishing line, but a bend in the road, setting you off on new paths.'

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