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10 February 2014 / 5 comments
Founded by Luthi and Niree Perian, while they were master's students in fiction writing at the University of Southern California, Connu brings keen editorial curation to the digital publishing space with a vision to empower readers to drive the future of the publishing industry. Connu was born in LA's literary community. They asked writers they admired to identify up and coming talents. Recommenders included David Sedaris, Lydia Davis, Joyce Carol Oates, Ron Carlson, Benjamin Percy, Janet Fitch, Rick Moody, Mary Robison, Aimee Bender, Jonathan Lethem, Sam Lipsyte, Wells Tower, Dan Chaon, and many more.

‘With Connu, our goal is to discover the rising literary stars and publish their original short stories, so that our legions of readers can get in on the ground floor of what's happening in contemporary fiction today—instead of waiting years for these authors' books to come out via the traditional route,’ says Perian, Connu's editorial director. ‘I curate stories with an eye on the writers. We're bringing you tomorrow's best-selling authors today.’

Connu’s app platform allows readers to discover new work and go deep with the authors who resonate with them. Subscribers receive an original short story two-to-three times a week, along with a notification. Readers can save their favorites, text a story that feels personal to a friend, or share over social media. Over the next few months, unrolling features will promote connection and community.

Connu launched its first iPhone app in November, followed by a mobile-optimized web app, and is currently in free beta.



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