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Please tell us a little about what you write ...
I write stories that can be classified in the post-apocalyptic and dystopian sub-genres of science fiction. So far, I have released two full novels The After/Life and I, the Provocateur and also a number of short stories, including the recently completed The White Wolf: The Hunts series of stories that lead into the third, yet to be published novel. In my stories, I try to combine adventure with political and social reflections on the possible world of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow based on the trends we witness today. While a lot of my topics are quite dark, there is always a glimmer of hope and light that I keep in all my stories as a token of my personal optimism and belief in the fundamental goodness of man, along with the largely untapped potential to bring individual change to a seemingly overwhelming situation.

How have you used Goodreads to build a following?
I discovered Goodreads last spring, while browsing the various online resources designed to give indie authors an opportunity to reach potential readers and communicate with fellow authors. Of course, one of the huge challenges every author in general and indie author in particular faces is the fact that no one knows him/her and their work remains largely unnoticed by the general public. Goodreads tries to tackle this issue by making it possible to create thematic groups, threads and forums where people can present their work, their art and share their opinions. I have certainly made use of all the possible resources apart from the paid advertisement option, which is yet to prove effective. Goodreads is an excellent place to find people willing to review your work, share their opinion in in-depth discussions that you may not find anywhere else. I combine a number of individual threads in science fiction related groups as well as participate in thematic discussions. I never miss an opportunity to make my work available for prospective reviewers. As we speak, my works have a total of 191 ratings with the rating average of 4.23, which is something I really appreciate.

How has using Goodreads benefited your work and career as a writer?
Goodreads has had a largely positive effect on my career as a writer with more people finding out about my work through the various threads and groups I talked about above. It is also a unique experience of direct interaction with the readers and fellow authors that takes the whole experience to a new level. Never before have the readers and writers been in such close contact and I think it is something extremely beneficial for both. With the growth in the number of ratings and reviews, I have also seen a considerable rise in the number of book sales, which are largely due to positive word of mouth my work is receiving from the readers on Goodreads. A lot of people have liked and are supporting my effort of helping kids from an orphanage in Gyumri town of Armenia towards which I am directing all my royalties. At the same time, I do not want people to concentrate on that aspect as I want them to enjoy the stories I tell for what they are. Reaching out to the orphanage and also trying to serve as an example to other aspiring Armenian authors is just something that I see as a positive side effect of what is an extremely fun, challenging, rewarding, unforgettable journey in sharing the stories I want to tell with the world.

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