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10 February 2014 / Leave a Comment

What kind of work do you post on Wattpad?
Mainly novels and short stories. Wattpad is a great place to be able to share your works in progress or finished pieces with a continually growing audience.

How did you build your following on Wattpad?
I joined the website a little over two years ago and was immediately drawn into the social aspect of Wattpad. I loved that I could directly connect with my readers and with other authors and spent a lot of time reading and critiquing other people's work. I also spent a portion of my time sharing my own work on the forums, and swapping feedback with anyone who was open to it. It's important to genuinely build relationships, not only with your readers, but also with other authors on the site. Comment on their work, share it, promote it, learn how to be passionate about engaging with other people and supporting them in their writing endeavors. Building a following isn't limited to exclusively amassing fans for your own work it's about reaching out and uplifting other writers and readers in the ways that you can.

What is your best advice for new users on Wattpad?
The three P's: patience, persistence, and passion. Sounds incredibly cheesy but Wattpad is a massive community and sometimes a lot of newer  authors worry that their work isn't getting the recognition or ‘success’ that they expected after joining the website. It's easy for new users to get caught up in the numbers game and to get discouraged when your work doesn't rack up loads of reads or high rankings. But what's important to understand about Wattpad is that it's not about the numbers or attaining massive popularity, it's about developing your craft and building real, lasting relationships with other writers and readers. Wattpad reflects the realities of the larger writing world in many regards.  Gaining a dedicated fanbase, sticking with your works, and maintaining the drive to write are all aspects of being an author that you construct throughout your career. There's no such thing as instant success and I'd encourage all new users on the website to give yourself time, build genuine relationships, focus on improving your craft, and the rest will fall into place.

How has using the site benefited your work and career as a writer?
Thanks to Wattpad I went from writing for fun to working towards publishing my work and considering a partial career in writing. The editorial team offered me the opportunity to become a Featured Author on the site and will be featuring my first book, ‘The Runaways’, at the end of this month. What's amazing about Wattpad is that it gave me a pretty incredible platform where I could share my work with an active and constantly growing audience. So being a part of a community like this has been fantastic and I recommend it to anyone who's passionate about putting words down on a page and sharing their work with the world.

What are these book trailer things?
Book trailers have become a fairly popular fad on Wattpad. Authors edit together trailers that advertise their book using pre-existing footage that includes cast members who they've selected for their stories. It's essentially the same thing as editing a film trailer except catered to a Wattpad story. Because users don't typically shoot book trailers with real production companies, most users use clips including their cast members and usually include a few lines or a homemade voice over to advertise their story. When done right, you can get a mini-trailer/preview for the Wattpad book you're about to read (or have already read). It's a neat way of integrating visuals with Wattpad stories.

Book trailer for 'The Runaways':
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