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10 February 2014 / 5 comments

How have you used Instagram to build a following?
I've not so much as used Instagram as a way to gain a following, but as a way to be heard. Besides, right now, I'm also exclusively an 'Instagram Poet', but I have put some thought into branching out when I'm ready. I do, although, strongly believe that Instagram is the best way to find a following. I like the format, it's easy and there's a whole hidden poetry community that I've found there. People listen.

What kind of posts attract the most likes?
From my experience, I've found that people want to see something relatable. That's how they can form an instant bond with your writing. We all want to see someone fighting for us, or making us feel like we're not alone. That's how we're wired. Sometimes though, you just have to write to write and still put it out there. Every word that you say is real and beautiful. People realize that. Focus on your mission.

How has your following on Instagram benefited your work?
Tremendously. It's been a blessing to meet the people I've met and to enjoy their pieces. I'm in love with the idea that people want to hear my story and that it can inspire them. Back in September of 2013 when I started, I realized that the only place I could go was up. I did. I grew as a writer, and quite honestly as a person. That's such an undeniably beautiful thing.

Which other writers or poets would you suggest we follow?
There are so many good poets out there who stay hidden and I don't shy away from admitting that my favorite poets aren't household names. I suggest you check out these Instagram poets, I adore them: @jrd_bos @chasingkc @jadefire_poetry @lootsvele @ericianhuffman @unknown_poetry @peaceloveandpoetry. These poets have really inspired me. They're absolutely amazing.

What are the best writing hashtags to use on Instagram?
After months of experimenting, I've found the dream team: #poet #poem #poetry #instapoet #poetsofig #poetsofinstagram #writer #writers #writersofig #writersofinstagram #instagood #instacute #instalove #instapoem #lovepoem #cute #cutepoem #iloveyou and any variation of that. I always try to hashtag things that relate to my poems as well like #ocean, #love or #nature . It's all about reaching your goal audience.


  1. Hi Rowena and Heartfullofpoetry,

    I don't have an instagram account, so I couldn't contact Heartfullofpoetry. If you would like to guest blog a poem in April on my blog, can you let me know?


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