Small press pop quiz - Fledgling Press

31 March 2014 / 1 comment
What makes Fledgling Press different to other publishers?
We aim specifically to help debut authors and publish them (although unfortunately we cannot do that exclusively.)

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How to write a press release for a self-published book - Tania Cheslaw

28 March 2014 / 3 comments


What you choose to say in your Press Release really matters, because you’ll have one page to say it in and at the top of your A4 sheet you will need to add a photo of your front cover – so try to encapsulate the ‘sizzle’ of your book in just a couple of paragraphs.

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Small press pop quiz - SFWP (Santa Fe Writers Project)

20 March 2014 / Leave a Comment
What makes SFWP different to other publishers?
I have what many feel is a strange approach to publishing. It certainly hasn't gotten me out of my day job ... But I feel that there should be loftier goals in this business. I started publishing because I love books. I publish titles that I would buy, and that I want to see on the shelves, regardless of genre. SFWP’s mission is not about making a fortune, or creating a catalog that the accountants can get behind. The mission is one of recognition and preservation. The books I publish are works of art, as precious as anything you would hang on your wall. I bring them into print, and I stand by them. They don't age out, or go out of print, or get ignored because they sold poorly. SFWP's distribution arm is worldwide, so not only are we preserving these titles, we're giving them the chance to be discovered in every format everywhere on Earth.

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Uncovered Books - updated app

16 March 2014 / Leave a Comment

Uncovered Books is a unique ereader experience revolutionising the way readers discover and select books. I'm a big fan of this app - I downloaded a previous version a few months ago and love the easy-to-use interface and attractive design. Readers get asked a series of questions such as: 

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Laugh Riot Press

12 March 2014 / 5 comments

The Laugh Riot Press website will serve as a platform to connect writers with an audience of readers looking for books that will make them laugh.  By embracing the online, independent, paradigm shift of the publishing industry, Laugh Riot Press aims to combine the efforts, talents, and products of a finite number of writers with similar focus to promote its books using collaborative, digital, and social media marketing practices that will allow the authors more time to do what they love – write.

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How writers should use Google+ - Ericka Clay

10 March 2014 / 5 comments
Ericka Clay is a novelist and founding editor of Tipsy Lit (  Her novel, Unkept, is due to be released later this year by Bannerwing Books. I've recently started using Google+ and noticed that Ericka has a healthy following on this platform (and I've enjoyed some of her friendly and uplifting video posts) ... so I wanted to find out more about how writers should use Google+ from Ericka ...

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Animoto - book trailer for Silver

9 March 2014 / 3 comments

is my YA novel, currently evolving on Wattpad:

Check out Animoto! They've got some great templates to choose from and it's so easy to use! You can create a 30-second book trailer for free to try it out!
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The Stoneslide Story Contest - $3000 + publication

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The Stoneslide are looking for previously unpublished stories (up to 10,000 words in length) that exemplify the power of narrative to make one think and feel. Ideal stories will use character, plot, description, humor, and concept to open new emotional and cognitive territory for readers. The contest is judged by the editors and there is a $10 entry fee.

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Women's fiction publishers

7 March 2014 / Leave a Comment
I’ve got a women’s fiction / quirky rom-com novel doing the rounds at the moment. Here are some of the publishers I’ve got on my list …

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Cracked Eye - short fiction publisher

5 March 2014 / 5 comments

After securing further investment from angel investors, The Other Publishing Company are rebranding their short story imprint from Lits Bits to Cracked Eye, focusing on new ways their content can be accessed.

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Book blogger - Clare Diston from

2 March 2014 / 3 comments

How did you become a book blogger?
I became a blogger just after I started a new job in 2012. Part of my job was connecting with bloggers, so I spent a lot of time researching and reading other people's blogs, and I thought, 'I could do this, it looks like fun!'. At the time I was also attempting to read 50 books in a year (I'd failed miserably for a few years previously), so I thought I could combine the two - hence my blog's name, 50ayear. It just seemed natural that I would write about books - reading is just about the only thing that I do constantly all year round, without too much effort because I enjoy it so much - so I knew I'd always have something to write about. Plus, any excuse to connect with more book-lovers.

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