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10 March 2014 / 5 comments
Ericka Clay is a novelist and founding editor of Tipsy Lit (  Her novel, Unkept, is due to be released later this year by Bannerwing Books. I've recently started using Google+ and noticed that Ericka has a healthy following on this platform (and I've enjoyed some of her friendly and uplifting video posts) ... so I wanted to find out more about how writers should use Google+ from Ericka ...

Why did you decide to start using Google+ to promote your work?  
I started to focus more on Google+ when I started Tipsy Lit.  I knew Google+ was one of those emerging, necessary platforms, and even thought it scared the crap out of me, I had to just bite the bullet and get started.  I use it to update my circles about Tipsy Lit blog posts, share writing sites I love, re-share posts from people in my writing network, etc.  It's gotten to the point where we now have a Tipsy Lit community ( and Tipsy Lit page (!

What type of posts do you find people engage with best on Google+?  
Images always do well, and so do the YouTube videos I post (  I think it's true in regards to all social media that people often engage more with visual images than text (even though that breaks my writer's heart!).

What are your best tips for writers on how to use Google+ most effectively?  
Research and devise a plan.  It sounds silly, but a lot of times people bypass the whole 'let's Google it' thing and feel like Goolge+ is trying to swallow them whole.  It isn't!  There are tons of helpful articles about the site and once you do adequate research, you can better plan out how the platform can work for you as a writer.  Maybe post a quick, daily writing prompt on your profile that your circles can partake in and share.  Or maybe look into new writing communities to join on Google+ so you can share your work.  Learn about Google Hangouts on Air and perhaps record one once a month and answer questions your fans send you beforehand.  Really, the possibilities are endless when it comes to how Google+ can become one of your most vital tools in your author's platform.

How has using Google+ benefited your work as a writer?  
It's certainly popularised my blog, Tipsy Lit, which in turn, has gotten my name out there as a published author.  I'm now trying to publicise my personal Google+ profile (, and have found a strong correlation between larger circles and more hits on my author's site.

You can keep up-to-date about her book's progress at and be sure to say 'hey' to her on Twitter


  1. Thank you so much for having me on the blog, Rowena! It was a pleasure!

  2. Ericka always gives good advice. Well, mostly. Well, sometimes. (Love you!) ((and seriously, thank you for the valuable guidance))

  3. Hey Ericka Clay, Google+ already shutting down at april 3 so this content will not value in customer. please give a new article.

  4. Hi Ericka, I see some of people are trying to give you advice but I wanna take some advice from you. If you are agree, please reply me. Thanks

  5. Google plus is already shutting down but your experience is really great. If I get you before 6 month then it will work for me. anyway, you are a great person, I mean. thanks


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