Laugh Riot Press

12 March 2014 / 2 comments

The Laugh Riot Press website will serve as a platform to connect writers with an audience of readers looking for books that will make them laugh.  By embracing the online, independent, paradigm shift of the publishing industry, Laugh Riot Press aims to combine the efforts, talents, and products of a finite number of writers with similar focus to promote its books using collaborative, digital, and social media marketing practices that will allow the authors more time to do what they love – write.

Unlike other online book marketing companies servicing unlimited authors in multiple genres in time-constrained windows, Laugh Riot Press will spotlight a community of funny authors and their books year-round. Laugh Riot Press writers will be able to sell their funny books from the website, will have their own personal profile page and individual book pages, and will benefit from the collective marketing efforts of the Laugh Riot Press team and its writers.  Ultimately, the Laugh Riot Press concept and marketing model is expected to expand into other genres including romance, mystery, thrillers, memoir, science fiction, business, and children.

Laugh Riot Press will also feature a comprehensive blog showcasing writing tips, exclusive offers for readers, guest bloggers, funny book reviews, indie author interviews, and more.

Laugh Riot Press is scheduled to launch in mid-2014.

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