Small press pop quiz - SFWP (Santa Fe Writers Project)

20 March 2014 / Leave a Comment
What makes SFWP different to other publishers?
I have what many feel is a strange approach to publishing. It certainly hasn't gotten me out of my day job ... But I feel that there should be loftier goals in this business. I started publishing because I love books. I publish titles that I would buy, and that I want to see on the shelves, regardless of genre. SFWP’s mission is not about making a fortune, or creating a catalog that the accountants can get behind. The mission is one of recognition and preservation. The books I publish are works of art, as precious as anything you would hang on your wall. I bring them into print, and I stand by them. They don't age out, or go out of print, or get ignored because they sold poorly. SFWP's distribution arm is worldwide, so not only are we preserving these titles, we're giving them the chance to be discovered in every format everywhere on Earth.

What kind of manuscripts are you looking for?
Whatever catches my eye. I refuse to have SFWP conform to the needs of a catalog, genre, or marketing department. If I love your book, I'll publish it. I've published memoir, biography, YA, we have a high fantasy trilogy coming up in 2016, short fiction, translations, long novels, journalism, a touch of romance ... I wouldn't mind venturing into sci-fi, and I have a secret love for post-apocalyptic novels.

If someone was to read two books on your list, what should they be?
Fatal Light, by Richard Currey. It's a reprint that I fought ten years to get back on the shelves. Easily one of the best books to come out of the Vietnam War, and the message and voice spans generations, so you need not be a Vietnam vet to approach it.

Zine, by Pagan Kennedy. Pagan's quirky zine in the 90s is what inspired me to start a publishing company. This book, her autobiography of sorts, first came out in 1995 and drifted out of print fairly quickly.  I've been dreaming of giving this book new life for over 15 years, and it's coming out in a few weeks. It also features copies of all of her old zines.

What are you excited about for 2014?
Zine, of course. As noted above. Another title that's been long out of print, The Wars of Heaven, by Richard Currey, also returns to the shelves after much effort. In the fall, we're re-releasing Dissonance, by Lisa Lenard-Cook. Originally released over 10 years ago, and now going out of print with the original publisher, Dissonance ended up in my slush pile one day last year and I simply couldn't put it down. Out in April is our third collection of short stories from Alan Cheuse, An Authentic Captain Marvel Ring. This marks the final (maybe) volume of Alan's short stories, which we began collecting in 2006. (Alan's a prolific author, so I'm sure there'll be a fourth collection at some point.)

2014 will also see continuing growth with our online journal, which we've run since 2002. We went all out in recruiting authors last year, and now we're seeing strong organic growth. Free for all, submissions welcome...



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