The Stoneslide Story Contest - $3000 + publication

9 March 2014 / Leave a Comment
The Stoneslide are looking for previously unpublished stories (up to 10,000 words in length) that exemplify the power of narrative to make one think and feel. Ideal stories will use character, plot, description, humor, and concept to open new emotional and cognitive territory for readers. The contest is judged by the editors and there is a $10 entry fee.

1st $3,000 + publication
2nd $500 + possible publication*
3rd $250 + possible publication*

Four stories will also be recognized for:

  • striking use of wit: $100*
  • beguiling character: $100*
  • description that makes us think we were really there: $100*
  • propulsive plot line and/or scene $100*

*All honorees will be considered for publication in the forthcoming Stoneslide Collection, and/or in The Stoneslide Corrective

Contest opens Thursday 20 March
Entries due by Saturday 21 June
Notification made on Tuesday 23 September

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