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16 March 2014 / Leave a Comment

Uncovered Books is a unique ereader experience revolutionising the way readers discover and select books. I'm a big fan of this app - I downloaded a previous version a few months ago and love the easy-to-use interface and attractive design. Readers get asked a series of questions such as: 

Based on these answers, Uncovered Books starts to recommend books to read. Readers can see a preview of the book's content and make decisions about whether to read it based on the written word itself.

Uncovered Books has recently updated their app to include unlimited previews of books, featured books and a better discovery experience for readers. Their catalogue is expanding and features works across many genres including: Literary Fiction, Young Adult, Crime, Drama, Action, Vampires, Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction, Erotica, Fantasy, Chick Lit, Short Stories, and many more.

Check out the app at https://appsto.re/i6Ff3pN

Visit their website at http://www.getuncoveredbooks.com/

Or read more about them in our Small Press Pop Quiz http://outofprintwriting.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/small-press-pop-quiz-uncovered-books.html

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