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7 April 2014 / Leave a Comment
What makes Regal House Publishing different to other publishers?
Regal House Publishing stands out from other publishing houses in the degree to which we support our authors. Not only do we assist in the establishment of a social media platform (if the author does not already possess an established presence online), but our web design team develops a sleek online site for each author (if it be so required) with links to all social media outlets, and storefront purchasing opportunities. We actively seek marketing opportunities in which to showcase our authors. We also accept submissions directly from authors without requiring a literary agent intermediary. We do this because we recognize the almost insurmountable odds that writers face in the route to publishing today, and seek to alleviate that process for those that submit their work to Regal House. We offer unprecedented royalty rates to our authors (higher than industry standard), and without the requisite agent cut, our authors receive a much higher return than others published elsewhere. Our imperative at Regal House is simply this: find talent, and then support it in every possible way that we can.

What kind of manuscripts are you looking for?
We are seeking manuscripts of literary fiction, with a particular interest in historical fiction. We are interested particularly in works of a distinctive and compelling narrative style.

If someone was to read two books on your list, what should they be? 
We are tremendously excited about our upcoming release of PJ Royal's Killing the Bee King on May 15th. This novel is a marvellous combination of atmospheric detail and lush descriptive phrase, with the compelling forward momentum of a political thriller set in nineteenth century Paris and London. In a similar vein, we at Regal House greatly enjoyed Robert McCammon's historical fiction. While we enjoy works of this kind, we are seeking, above all else, an authentic literary voice.

What are you excited about for 2014? 
For the upcoming publishing year we are most excited about discovering new writing talent and facilitating their entry into the global literary market. We, at Regal House, simply love what we do. And each submission is evaluated carefully, with a constant thought in mind for the writer who kindly sent it to our attention. We deplore the interminable waiting period for which writers are frequently subject to and endeavour to respond rapidly and politely to every query we receive. Every query is exciting, honestly, because with each we anticipate the voice of another talented writer to join the Regal House family.

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