Brad King - on going beyond the book

30 May 2014 / 1 comment
Brad King is a professor of journalism at Ball State University, where he runs the Digital Media Minor program, an interdisciplinary program that blends technology, storytelling and human-computer interaction elements together. He writes, creates podcasts and works in the weird space between digital, print and the real world. Recently he launched The Geeky Press - an experiment in indie publishing and collaboration. He is currently writing a book So Far Appalachia inspired by his family's history in Appalachia. Instead of quietly researching and writing on his own, he's sharing podcasts, blog posts and photo galleries about the process of writing his book. The story of writing the story becomes a story in itself.

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About Ether Books with Maureen Scott

21 May 2014 / Leave a Comment
I have two of my short stories on Ether Books. One is Love Potion, about a man who discovers his wife is having an affair, so he tricks her into taking an anti-love drug. The other is The War Artist – an excerpt from my novella The War Artist and the Half-dead Beauty. It’s a harrowing scene where the war artist finally gets to witness the theatre of war and it took me many, many rewrites to finally get it to a stage where I thought it did the story justice. I think it works well as a standalone piece - and because I did struggle so much to write it, perhaps I wanted to show it off a little, like a flexed muscle.

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Seasonal creativity with Tom Evans

14 May 2014 / 3 comments
Since January this year, my writing has gone a little stale. As I’ve written in other posts, since I self-published my novel Searching for Von Honningsbergs I’ve been consumed by social media and platform building, mucking around with Animoto book trailers, fine-tuning my use of Hootsuite and Twitter posts. I was fearing that I’d lost my writing spark and was wondering whether I’d ever write another worthwhile thing.  But then I heard a podcast between Joanna Penn (my self-pub/self-help guru) and author and mentor Tom Evans. Tom Evans was talking about how he’s a seasonal writer and he writes better in the Spring and also according to patterns of the moon. This really struck a chord with me, because I do seem to spend the Summer and Autumn not as focused as I do in Winter and Spring. Once I thought about it, over the last two years I’ve tended to blog more and do other things in the first half of the year and then I settle into serious writing later in the year.

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Outsider art

12 May 2014 / 4 comments
I just got back from a weekend in Hobart, where I spent a day at MONA – the new Museum of Old and New Art. I came across an artist that stopped me in my tracks. In a dark room, suspended from the ceiling, as if floating in the air, were a series of pencil drawings with watercolour of young girls. Sometimes the girls were fully clothed, outside a circus tent, and everyone was happy, other times they were naked and had penises and there was an underlying feeling of something sinister. There was one piece that had me gaping - of young girls being attacked and strangled by men in a war-like scene, over and over again. I stopped and stared for ages and wanted to elbow away anyone who so much as got near my space and threatened this magical moment of discovery.

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ebook cover designs – Go On Write

6 May 2014 / Leave a Comment
I know from working at an art gallery that choosing the right image for a catalogue cover can make or break the sales of that publication. I was lucky to have discovered James of Go On Write earlier this year. I’ve now got six of his covers for my stories and am constantly getting comments from people about how great they are. He has a website where he offers pre-made ebook covers using a range of fabulous stock images, both photographic and illustrative. I quite like choosing ‘off the shelf’, rather than commissioning, as I can visualise exactly what my cover is going to look like – there’s no surprises at the end.

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List of digital first imprints

4 May 2014 / Leave a Comment
With the huge success of ebooks, many publishers are launching their own digital first imprints. Here's a list of some of the digital first imprints that are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts:

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