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20 June 2014 / Leave a Comment
I've finally been convinced to activate my Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/authorRowenaWiseman. According to the Yellow Social Media Report, a huge 95% of social media users in Australia are using Facebook, compared to 19% on Twitter and Google+. Instagram is rating at 21% and surprisingly 24% on LinkedIn. Goodreads doesn't get a mention in this report, unfortunately! And Wattpad ... huh? What's that?

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Pubslush - Justine Schofield

18 June 2014 / Leave a Comment
Crowdfunding is the new black. Pubslush is a platform developed especially for books and literary projects and can assist authors and publishers through the whole process or raising funds, developing an audience and selling the finished product. Here Justine Schofield, development director, tells us more about Pubslush ...

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Howlarium - Jason Howell

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Jason Howell recently created a website www.howlarium.com to showcase his writing, as well as other authors such as Krista Asselstine and Mary L. Tabor. Jason's addictive rhythm in his short story Walking and Smoking practically got my toes tapping, while This Tragic Infection is masterful with its razor sharp verse style. Here he tells us more about his new website, crowdfunding and working with other talented writers …

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Cell phone novels - Takatsu

11 June 2014 / Leave a Comment
I recently came across Takatsu on Wattpad and became an instant fan. He's pioneered the cell phone novel in the West, winning awards and over 50,000 views for his novel Secondhand Memories. He's also a musician and English Literature student based in Toronto. He's currently working on Espresso Love, an ambitious dystopian magical-realism prose novel and is influenced by writers such as Haruki Murakami, Ernest Hemingway, Banana Yoshimoto, George Orwell and Franz Kafka. Secondhand Memories is soon to be released in print by Sakura Publishing in late 2014. Here I ask him more about cell phone novels ...

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Small press pop quiz - Pen Name Publishing

10 June 2014 / Leave a Comment
What makes Pen Name Publishing different to other publishers?
Pen Name Publishing is looking for bold stories by bold authors. We don't necessarily play it safe and we are going to present a variety of stories from diverse authors and diverse voices. We were founded on the premise of being a publishing company that truly works for the author, providing personal support, a full service development team, one on one relationships, and most importantly, the pay that authors deserve. We worked really hard, analyzed stacks of contracts from publishers of varying sizes, and picked out what we felt were the best pieces of each contract. We are firm believers that publishing is a partnership and the success of our publishing house and the success of our authors largely depends on how strongly we are able to work together.

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Exit Stage Left ... being published by Merge Publishing

6 June 2014 / Leave a Comment
For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to find a person who believes in me enough to take on my book. I haven’t had grand dreams of my name on the top ten bestseller list, or hundreds of fans lining up at a book signing. My dream has been of a lone figure, quietly reading my work, perhaps with a pen poised to their lip and an ink stain on their finger. And in this fantasy of mine, this person thinks, I believe in this story, I want to publish her book.

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Indie writer - Tom Lichtenberg

4 June 2014 / Leave a Comment
Tom Lichtenberg is a prolific writer who decided five years ago to make his stories available for free online. He writes short novels that could be classified as absurdist comedy, speculative fiction and more traditional fiction. He is a great supporter of indie writers and writes a blog http://pigeonweather.wordpress.com/. Here I ask him about self-publishing, writing in different genres and styles and what motivates him to write. He has some fascinating ideas about the free sharing of technology and different art forms and his comment about storytelling for money being a relatively new thing is going to stick with me ...

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10,000 reads on 'Bequest' on Wattpad …

3 June 2014 / Leave a Comment
I’ve finally reached the 10,000 reads milestone on Wattpad for my story Bequest! 10,000 reads is based on chapters. Back in high school, Sister Jenny ‘suggested’ to my parents that I discontinue maths in year 11. Apparently, I was easily distracted. So take these calculations with a grain of salt … but of the 6000 people that started reading Bequest, one in ten went on to read the second chapter. Bequest is perhaps different to what people are expecting to read on Wattpad and readers, like me, can work out within a couple of paragraphs whether the story is for them or not. But the good news is that of the people that went on to read the second chapter, one in two went on to read to the very end. That’s a stat I’m pleased with given the unconventional nature of the story.

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