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20 June 2014 / Leave a Comment
I've finally been convinced to activate my Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/authorRowenaWiseman. According to the Yellow Social Media Report, a huge 95% of social media users in Australia are using Facebook, compared to 19% on Twitter and Google+. Instagram is rating at 21% and surprisingly 24% on LinkedIn. Goodreads doesn't get a mention in this report, unfortunately! And Wattpad ... huh? What's that?

The other interesting data is when people social network - with a huge number of people checking social networking sites first thing in the morning, as well as evenings and last thing before bed. I'll be scheduling more early morning posts in the future ...

Here's the full report: http://www.yellowadvertising.com.au/content/dam/sensis/yas/Knowledge/Insights/YellowSocialMediaReport2014/Yellow-Social-Media-Report-2014.pdf

And if you want to follow me on Facebook, please like at: https://www.facebook.com/authorRowenaWiseman


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