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18 June 2014 / Leave a Comment
Crowdfunding is the new black. Pubslush is a platform developed especially for books and literary projects and can assist authors and publishers through the whole process or raising funds, developing an audience and selling the finished product. Here Justine Schofield, development director, tells us more about Pubslush ...

How is Pubslush different from other crowd-funding platforms?
Although Pubslush’s model is very similar to other crowdfunding platforms, we offer a variety of author-centric features that set us apart as a niche platform.

  • Flexible Funding Model. Our model allows campaigners to choose a minimum and an overall funding goal. The overall goal is displayed publically on the Project Page and represents the ideal amount a campaigner would like to raise. The minimum goal is not displayed on the Project Page and represents how much the campaigner needs to raise in order to produce their project. So long as the minimum goal is surpassed, the campaigner gets to keep the funds they raise. 
  • 4% platform fee. Our platform fee is fixed at 4%, even if a campaign doesn’t reach the overall funding goal. Other platforms raise the fee if the goal is not met in the flexible funding model.
  • Buy Now Button. All of our successful campaigns live forever on the Pubslush site. Once an author publishes their book, they can come back and insert the buy links to wherever their book is being sold. This allows for increased discoverability on our platform and helps drive traffic to the sales of the book.
  • Launchpad. The Launchpad allows campaigners to post and share their projects prior to the start of their crowdfunding campaign. This is a great way to drive traffic to the Project Page while collecting invaluable user data. Interested users, a.k.a. fans, will be notified as soon as the campaign officially goes live on Pubslush.  
  • Personalized service. At Pubslush, we pride ourselves on our personalized service and campaign support. Our author relations team works with every author to ensure they are as successful as possible. We also offer Pubslush Prep, which is an optional program authors can utilize if they need a little extra help with campaign logistics and marketing.

How can authors best use Pubslush?
Authors can best use Pubslush to raise funds, collect pre-orders, and tangibly market their book before publication. These are all very important steps in the publishing process and will help propel an author to success when their book is published.

However, even if an author has already published, they can use Pubslush to raise funds and awareness for other book-related projects. These could include producing an audiobook, conducting a book tour or speaking engagements, creating a mobile book application, and much more.

How does Pubslush help raise a sense of community around a book, prior to publication?
Pubslush provides a niche platform with a literary-focused audience. Authors can use our platform to rally support and build a buzz around their book before publication. It can be difficult to talk about a book that hasn’t been published yet, but the sooner an author is able to begin driving traffic to their book and building their audience, the better.

Please tell us a little about how you are working with publishers?
Pubslush Publisher Pages provides publishers with their own customized pages on our platform. Through these pages they can harness the power of crowdfunding for their upcoming or prospective books while building their own reader database. Consumer data is very important, but so scarce in the publishing industry. Our Publisher Pages allows publishers of all sizes to understand and engage with their readers. Since the launch of our Publisher Pages in January 2014 we’ve had over 100 publishers come on board and that number continues to grow.


Justine Schofield is the development director of Pubslush, a global crowdfunding platform for the literary world that provides a way to raise funds and tangibly pre-market books and literary-based projects. A graduate of Emerson College in Boston, she is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at Lesley University. Justine has become a prominent voice in the publishing industry and an advocate for educating authors and publishers about crowdfunding. She has contributed to IBPA’s Independent magazine, Self-Publishers Monthly, Book Marketing Magazine, Business Banter and many more online publications. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


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