Book trailers - LoewenHerz-Creative

23 July 2014 / Leave a Comment
LoewenHerz-Creative promotes books of all genres with the production and promotion of exciting, innovative, and affordable book trailers. Here I ask them why book trailers have become so popular, what makes a good book trailer and about the production process ...

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Stuart Allen - writer of songs and stories

16 July 2014 / Leave a Comment
Stuart Allen is a writer of songs and stories. I have his sentimental track The Invisible Woman on repeat around here (you can listen to it on Soundcloud He has recently published his novel Parting Lines and is experimenting with some unique marketing ideas. Here I ask him about his novel, the differences between songwriting and novel writing and being an indie writer and musician and how he is promoting Parting Lines.

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Aunty Arty, Astro Circus Kids and Jet Black Publishing

15 July 2014 / Leave a Comment
I'm still catching my breath, because a week after I signed the contract with Merge Publishing for my novel Exit Stage Left, I heard from Jet Black Publishing and they want to publish two of my children's book series! That is six kids books to start with!

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Writing a back cover blurb ...

8 July 2014 / Leave a Comment
I struggle writing wedding and sympathy cards, author bios and filling out forms of any kind. I also loathe writing synopses and blurbs. However, after the front cover, back cover blurbs are the second most important sales tool for a book - so it's important to get it right. My blurbs often go through more changes than a Miss Universe pageant …

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